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All Things Bright and Beautiful...

A gorgeous wedding in the heart of the Sussex countryside.

These designs started with a brief to work around sharing plates for the dinner and a stack of brightly coloured candles, which the bride had already found.  The gorgeous bride, a highly recognised interior designer, also wanted to ensure the designs were fun and upbeat, with an element of Petersham Nurseries.  

We specifically sourced a whole range of different bottles, vases, jars and clay pots, some new and some salvaged, filling each with bunches of British style summer blooms - peonies, delphiniums, cornflowers, vibrunum and alchemilla mollis.  We opted for wooden candlesticks to provide a neutral tone, set amongst all the bright colours, to finish the whole scheme perfectly.  

The traditional marquee ceiling was finished with huge swags of foliage, designed to scent the whole space.  

And the church flowers followed, with blooms forming two archways, generous garlands wrapped around huge internal columns and wild and loose designs filling all the windowsills and large central font.

"I don't know where to start in thanking you for the most incredible flowers I have ever seen.  It took our wedding from lovely to epic.  Your kindness in the weeks running up and flexibility when timeframes changed, kept me feeling so confident and relaxed.  Every thank you letter has read more like a review of the best flower display of all time, than a 'wedding thank you'!  It really was the most incredible day and I wanted to thank you for making it so."
Harriet and Fred, London