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Single Red Rose

The perfect romantic gesture, a single red rose tied with a touch of foliage. Available to purchase with our petite Philippa Craddock ceramic milk bottle, for you to arrange at home. 

Prepared at Pheasants Hatch and presented in our signature box with tissue paper, ribbon, care instructions and a hand written notecard. We place all our flowers in a natural, clear gel which cleverly keeps them perfectly hydrated, without water spillage.  

GUARD PETALS - every rose comes with outer guard petals, which protect the flower as it grows.  Some florists remove these as they can be considered a little non-perfect, we though always leave the guard petals in place as they support the inner petals and aid full blooming.  You can of course remove the guard petals if you prefer, simply by pealing them away.

Milk bottle dimensions:
Petie: 125mm x 50mm

Delivery is £9.50 nationwide

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